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i'm old enough now to pretend

14 June 1985
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marijke. female. 25. german. sales assistant. fangirl. vegetarian. ♥ sunshine. movies. my dvd collection. music. friends. family. holidays. weekends. my car. butterflies. lemons. häagen daaz cookies & cream. pink. sleeping. shopping. saturdays. summer rains. my pc. livejournal. laughing.


johnny depp. jared leto. shannon leto. david tennant. billie joe armstrong. hugh laurie. john cusack. jensen ackles. colin ferguson. matthew macfadyen. ed quinn. florian d fitz.
lord of the rings. pirates of the caribbean. love actually. bridget jones. crash. indiana jones. how to loose a guy in 10 days. pride & prejudice. beauty & the beast. the chumscrubber. corpse bride. singing in the rain. chocolat. männerherzen. grosse pointe blank. the holiday. die hard. high fidelity. music & lyrics. an american in paris. and 1000 others more…
die ärzte. green day. foxboro hot tubs. 30STM. pinhead gunpowder. bela b. the cure. jonny was. imogen heap. superbus. kt tunstall. rosie thomas. social distortion. die happy. van halen. the distillers. iris. colbie caillat. linkin park. hans zimmer. farin urlaub. the who. the clash. the zombies. placebo. foo fighters. lifehouse. beatsteaks. ramones. flyleaf. kate voegele. sara bareilles. vanessa paradis. lene marlin. luxuslärm. and many more…
doctor who. house md. grey’s anatomy. gilmore girls. csi: ny. doctor's diary. buffy. supernatural. life. brothers & sisters. the x-files. men in trees. eureka. lost. psych. friends. the oc. full house. dead like me. jeeves & wooster. a bit of fry & laurie. blackadder. 21 jump street. king of queens. moonlighting. private practice. life. vampire diaries.
twilight - stephenie meyer. shopaholic series - sophie kinsella. the gun seller - hugh laurie. harry potter - j.k. rowling. bridget jones - helen fielding. high fidelity - nick hornby. ps i love you - cecelia ahern. love in the time of cholera - gabriel garcia marquez. where rainbows end - cecelia ahern. neil gaiman stuff.
johnny/vanessa. billie joe/adrienne. house/stacy. summer/seth. shawn/juliet. juliet/mark. marc/lexie. gretchen/marc. izzie/denny. spike/buffy. mulder/scully. chandler/rachel. rachel/joey. jack/sally. damon/elena. ten/rose.

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one. free rice. make poverty history.

happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. -Robert Frost

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